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Vica Bedő

Digital marketer and PPC specialist

Digital marketing and

Pay-per-Click advertisement strategy


There is too much noise on social media platforms and in Google search.

Let’s make your services visible in this chaos!


I help you by developing a paid advertisement strategy on Meta platforms and Google Ads that reach the right people with the right message, on the right platform, at the right time.

Strategic Planning

We map out the details of your target audience and build a strategic advertisement plan to reach your specific business goals.

Designing ad creatives

I will create all the visuals and the copies for your ads. You don’t need to worry about hiring additional graphic designers or copywriters.

Ads management

You will reach your ideal clients with the ad campaings I precisely set up for your company. I will also optimise the ads and continuously follow up on the results with you.

EUR managed ads budget / year

PPC campaigns

max. clients at a time

Make your services visible in the noise.

Education, healthcare or the intersection of these two industries – I can help you!

The new normal requires new strategies for marketing

Education and healthcare services are key to a well-functioning society. Be proud of taking part of this changing world – and make sure your ideal customers get your message as well!

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Organic reach has lost its power in the noise of social media

Pay-per-Click advertisement should not replace content marketing, but it has the power of reaching your ideal customers and leading them to conversion. Faster, more efficienty, and on the long run, even cheaper.


Holistic digital marketing approach is the key to success

Marketing is a complex process, so rather than having one person or a small team with an average knowledge in every aspect and platform – Hire a specialist with specific goals for a fix period, who understands this complexity and can cooperate with your team! 


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Use the power of Pay-Per-Click:
I will help you to reach your business goals and know exactly how your budget brings you conversions.

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Bedő Vica

Bedő Vica

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